Keep up with the latest lingo related to non-alcoholic drinks by visiting our Glossary page and learn about what all these words really mean.

ABV - Alcohol by Volume

Adaptogen - Herbs, and mushrooms with health benefits with a variety of perks, including better sleep, more focus, and anxiety relief. 

Alcohol-removed – Wine is typically considered to be alcohol-removed rather than alcohol-free as the original wine is distilled to remove the alcohol, leaving usually no higher than .5 percent ABV.  

Antioxidant – The human body’s oxidation process creates unstable molecules known as free radicals, which destroy cell membranes and other structures. The compounds that scavenge and neutralize these free radicals are called antioxidants.

Apéritif - Normally, an alcoholic beverage is taken as an appetizer before a meal to stimulate your appetite. 

Apple Cider Vinegar -  Becoming increasingly popular, Apple Cider Vinegar is being used to promote weight loss and improve cholesterol levels, among other various uses to improve your health.

Ashwagandha - Found in Africa, the middle east, and India, Ashwagandha is an herb taken from an evergreen shrub that is used to increase energy, reduce pain and inflammation, soothe anxiety and sharpen focus and memory.

Bar Spoon – A bar spoon is a spoon that features a long (sometimes twisted) stem that is primarily made of steel, which is specifically designed to mix and layer drinks. They also feature a shallow bowl to aid in mixing along with a flat tip for bruising certain ingredients like mint and lime.

Bitters – Flavored extracts that are infused with botanicals such as spices, fruits, herbs, and other plant materials. These infused botanicals are specifically chosen, seeing that their aromas add a refreshing scent to mocktails.

Botanics - Relating to plants and plant life

CBD - CBD (cannabidiol) is an active chemical that’s the second most prevalent ingredient found in the cannabis plant.

- CBD or Cannabidiol: CBD is not psychoactive — meaning it won’t get you “high.” Instead, research suggests that it may help: Reduce anxiety and depression, improve sleep, reduce seizures in people with epilepsy, soothe pain and inflammation, improve heart health, and improve symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Studies show doses up to 1,500 milligrams a day have been well-tolerated, but every person is different.

Champagne Flute – Considered stemware as well as glassware, a champagne flute is a tall glass that features a long stem and straight sides to offer more surface area for the wine or champagne. This increases its exposure to oxygen, which brings out the flavors and aromas of the beverage.

Copper Mug – Copper is a brilliant conductor of hot and cold and boasts the ability to change temperatures in an instant, making it the ideal material to keep that drink colder for a longer period. When you pour a beverage in, the copper mug instantly turns ice cold and stays that way for as long as it’s in there. The copper surrounds your mocktail with an exterior that matches the temperature of what's inside, rather than insulates it.

De-alcoholized / de-al-co-hol-ize - verb - to remove the alcohol from a normally alcoholic drink. 

Delta 8 & 9: Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC and CBD are three of over 100 known cannabinoids derived from the hemp plant. CBD is known for calming the mind and balancing the body. Whereas, Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC is not your conventional CBD product, there are trace amounts of THC (below 0.3%). Each person's body chemistry is different and could respond differently.

Dirty – A drink (typically made with non-alcoholic clear spirits) where the color and taste are altered by adding olive brine from the jar, or other different ingredients, giving the drink a salty taste.

Distilled - Purified by heating and condensation, distillation happens with the alcohol is evaporated from the original mixture. 

Euphorics / eu-phor-ic - A drink meant to make you feel elevated, connected, and joyful. 

5- HTP or 5-Hydroxytryptophan: Made from the seeds of an African plant, 5-HTP is used to boost serotonin levels. People use it to help boost their moods, regulate their appetites, and help with muscular discomfort.

Fermentation - The chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeast, or other microorganisms, typically the breaking down of sugar molecules to make alcohol. 

Frosted Glass – This is nothing more than a glass that you dip in water and toss in the freezer prior to preparing your drink. Their sole purpose is to cool down beverages.

Functionals - Drinks are highlighted with specific ingredients meant to provide health benefits. 

Gaba: Researchers suspect that GABA may boost mood or have a calming, relaxing effect on the nervous system. It has also been known to help improve mood, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, help with PMS, and treat ADHD.

Infusion - When a drink is saturated with botanicals such as citruses, herbs, or roots. 

Jigger – Sometimes referred to as a bar jigger, or alcohol jigger, a jigger is an hourglass-shaped tool used to measure the amount of alcohol added to a drink. On the jigger side, it holds 1.5 oz, which is the equivalent of a shot glass. On the other smaller side, it holds 1 oz of liquid, also known as a “pony shot.” You can even use the term “jigger” as a form of measurement.

Lion’s mane - The lion’s mane mushroom, which grows in parts of Asia, has been proven to have many health benefits for your brain, heart, and gut. It is being used to help manage diabetes, boost the immune system, lower stress levels, and even fight against ulcers.

L-theanine - is an amino acid that occurs in black and green teas. L-theanine may help contribute to a relaxed yet alert mental state that is often paired with caffeine. Evidence shows that the L-theanine and caffeine combination will help boost cognitive performance and alertness. There are no dosage guidelines for l-theanine, but many supplements recommend taking 100–400 mg per day.

Maca: As with other adaptogenic herbs, some people seek maca to help with stress management as well as fight depression. It is also well-known in boosting your libido.

Margarita Glass – This type of glass is specifically designed for serving tequila-based drinks and other blended fruit concoctions. It comes in a variety of forms, the most common of which has many layers that narrow towards the stem and widen at the rim.

Martini Glass – You may hear cocktail glass and martini glass used interchangeably, but they differ oh so slightly with a martini glass boasting a wider, larger bowl along with a conical bottom. Considered a subtype of the cocktail glass, the martini glass features its iconic V-shape, circular base, and long stem that allows you to hold the glass without warming your drink. And it’s the conical form of the martini glass that prevents the contents from separating.

Mindful Drinking - Mindful drinking means being more intentional about your alcohol consumption. Becoming a mindful drinker means taking control of your drinking habits to improve your health and wellbeing. 

Mixer - A catch-all word for whatever you put in a drink that isn’t alcoholic.

Mocktail - An imitation cocktail, a mocktail, is a flavorful and satisfying drink to enjoy without the alcohol. 

Muddle – When you mash up ingredients with a muddler (a special tool designed for crushing ingredients) to extract flavors and oils.

Neat – This is the most straightforward drink you can have. Approximately two ounces of your preferred spirit is poured directly into a glass (ideally a NEAT glass if you have one) with nothing else, not even ice.

Nootropics – AKA ‘cognitive enhancers,’ nootropics are any natural or synthetic substance that improves brain function, with the potential of altering your cognitive performance.

Old-Fashioned Glass – This is a short, thick-bottomed tumbler, sometimes referred to as a rocks glass, lowball glass, or Gibraltar glass that’s primarily used for short, mixed drinks such as the iconic old-fashioned. They typically can hold anywhere from 6 to 8 oz, however, a double old-fashioned can hold up to 10 or 12 oz.

On the Rocks – A drink is poured over ice, which serves as “the rocks,” gradually diluting the alcohol.

Rhodiola Rosea – A perennial flowering plant known as “golden root,” “rose root,” or “arctic root” that thrives in cold and dry conditions and enhances mental and physical performance, strength, and good health.

Rieshi Mushroom: Reishi mushroom has been used to help enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue.

Shaker – A metal tin cup that’s used to mix drinks by shaking. They usually feature a built-in strainer which, when you add ice, helps to chill and pour the beverage. They’re sometimes referred to as a Boston shaker, cocktail shaker, or Parisian shaker.

Simple Syrup – In essence, simple syrup is liquified water that’s used to sweeten beverages. Sometimes referred to as “sugar syrup,” it’s easily the most budget-friendly sweetener available.

Sober Curious - An individual who is becoming more consciously aware of the drinking culture and looking for alternatives to alcohol.

Teetotaler – The practice or advocacy of complete abstinence from alcohol is known as teetotalism. A teetotaler is someone who practices or advocates teetotalism.

Wine Glass – Commonly referred to as “stemware,” a wine glass is a type of drinking vessel specifically designed to drink and taste wine. 

Zester – A unique tool that’s used to remove the skin or zest from citrus fruits such as lemons and limes. It’s able to cut deep enough to remove the outer part of the skin (or zest) without cutting into the bitter layer of pith that lies underneath.