As you probably know, “skål” is Danish for “cheers”. A universal way to celebrate, to be social and to connect with others. To skål is an invitation to spend time with one or many. A request for camaraderie and friendship laughs and long stories.

Ish's desire for connection is innate, woven into our very being. It cuts across language, geography, and culture. To skål and share a drink is to open ourselves to opportunity. An opportunity to better understand someone, and for them to gain understanding in return.

About ISH

Ish got its start when founder Morten Sørensen began a 100-day alcohol-free challenge to question the convention of always having alcohol intertwined with social events. He realized that the non-alcoholic options that were currently available were quite limited. This inspired him to develop his alcohol-free spirits with well-known flavors that could provide the same satisfaction as alcohol. Morten would then seek the assistance of his close friend Mother Earth. This is how they’re able to remove a broad range of botanicals to achieve the proper flavors to reproduce the original spirit experience when combined. Created from natural ingredients, Ish’s ready-to-drink beverages are low in calories, whereas their mixology drinks contain very few calories in addition to being 100% sugar-free. This is just another reason why Ish non-alcoholic beverages are the ideal option for the mindful drinker who’s always on the go.