Ghia wanted to make a drink that would take you to this place that's about life's simple pleasures like connecting with others without numbing the night; a drink you’d remember in the morning. They created Ghia, a spirits-free apéritif adapted for modern times. It’s an invitation to take a moment for yourself, to watch the sunset, to move from work into play, and to take care of your loved ones.

About Ghia

The founder of Ghia, Melanie Masarin spent the entirety of her childhood summers in the Mediterranean completely surrounded by celebration and the Aperitivo (an alcoholic beverage offered before a meal to whet one's appetite) culture. And when she started Ghia, she knew she wanted to incorporate those same flavors and overall positive vibes. Melanie and her family would spend their time split between Lyon, France and getting together with friends and family for home-cooked meals. In this environment, preparing drinks would help to kick off the night of togetherness. The common factor linking every gathering was the food on the table, as well as the great conversations that would last late into the night. After moving to the U.S., she noticed a cultural difference where, in France and Italy, people drink almost exclusively to celebrate. Whereas in the U.S., we have been conditioned by the drinking culture to believe that alcohol is a coping mechanism. That’s when in 2019 she created Ghia, a non-alcoholic beverage that can be used to celebrate, sans the negative side effects of alcohol. The apéritif is crafted from Riesling white grape juice, yuzu, fig, elderflower, orange peel, and other herbs, resembling the taste of Campari without the added sugar and booze. Melanie's major objective is to make it possible for individuals to drink and dance at the same time while being comfortable doing so.