Viski | Champagne Saber


Viski Champagne Saber

Champagne is meant to be savored--and occasionally sabered. Rooted in 19th century French tradition, the elegantly curved champagne saber slashes through bottles with ease.

Quantity: 1

Material: Stainless steel, wood Size: 16.5"³ L

Care: Hand wash

Disclaimer: Keep saber out of reach of children and always use as directed.

About Viski

Viski honors the history and grandeur of craft cocktail culture with elegant barware and cocktail tools. Designed with professional bartenders, Viski bar tools display high-quality materials and unique style with everything from cocktail shakers, jiggers, champagne sabers, and corkscrews to fine crystal whiskey decanters, coupe glasses, rocks glasses, martini glasses, ice molds, and more. Whether a bar cart needs tiki glassware or cocktail smokers, Viski has something for everyone.

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