Cut Above | Zero Proof Mezcal


Zero Proof Mezcal 

  • 750ml
  • Low Cal
  • Low Sugar
  • 0% ABV
  • Gluten Free

Cut Above Mezcal hits all the right notes to create the complexity of this intriguing spirit. Cubeba pepper extract, chipotle pepper extract, Persian lime oil, and a touch of smoke impart the multilayered experience you’re looking for in a Mezcal. Perfect for an easy Paloma cocktail or a sophisticated sipper like a Negroni.

How to Enjoy

Make your favorite cocktail zero proof by replacing the alcohol entirely with Cut Above, or if you’d like to reduce the amount of alcohol, make a Cut cocktail by pairing 1 oz. of your favorite mezcal with 1 oz. of Cut Above Zero Proof Mezcal.

Bundle & Save Ideas

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