Rasāsvāda | Black Ginger



Sophisticated Functional Non-Alcoholic Spirit 

  • Zero Proof
  • Versatile 
  • Low Calorie 
  • All Natural 
  • Health Benefits 

Delicious and flavorful 

Sèchey introduces RASĀSVĀDA, a zero-proof Spirit Restorative– invigorating 100% whole-plant decoctions uniquely crafted using unhurried techniques from herbalism, tea traditions, and traditional eastern medicine.

Sophisticated, arresting, and seductive, each Spirit Restorative presents an exceptional orchestra of aroma, core bitterness, and a lingering finish while providing powerful health and wellness benefits whenever your spirit needs restoration.


Bittersweet and herbaceous, Black Ginger is the most assertive decoction, serving up a complex, palate-provoking profile.

Aromatic bitter roots and barks such as black ginger, dark roasted chicory, and cinchona are complimented by cardamom, saffron, and red turmeric that add a piquant intensity and depth of long-lasting flavor.

To balance the bitterness, there are no sugars and syrup—instead, using rarified mushrooms, fermented lemons, and pomegranates together delivers viscosity and a citrus bite.

Other than providing a complex and deeply satisfying taste, the herbs, mushrooms, and spices in Black Ginger have ancient histories of libido, mood-boosting, and rapid fatigue recovery properties.

Black Ginger Ingrediants






      Sold as a 750ml or 375ml bottle. 


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