Ritual | Zero Proof Tequila Alternative


Award-Winning Non Alcoholic Tequila 

  • Calorie Free
  • Sugar Free
  • 750ml Bottle
  • Nothing Artificial
  • 0% ABV

Enjoy the Ritual Without the Alcohol! 

Both Ritual and Sèchey were born because we love to drink! To eat too, and have adventures.  Our goals are shared... not to replace liquor but to add a new tool to our cocktail kit. Another way to mark a moment.

Ritual's line of true liquor replacements are great for someone taking a break for booze, and are crafted not distilled.

Ritual Tequila Alternative is the highest rated non-alcoholic spirit in the world, with a score of 94 points from the Beverage Testing Institute.

Calorie free, alcohol free, it means you’re free to celebrate any time.

How to Enjoy: 

Made for margaritas, Ritual Tequila Alternative has been known to fool some people. In fact, close your eyes, take a sip, and tell us it doesn't have everything you expect out of a great marg. A few sips later and you might even feel like you're on a beach. (This works especially well if you're actually on a beach.)


Filtered water, natural flavors, sugar, citric acid, xanthan gum, salt, caramel color.


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