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A sampler or tester pack is great when you want to try something new or are completely unfamiliar with the non-alcoholic beverage scene. They allow you to try multiple flavors/brands before dialing in the specific flavor and brand you prefer.

About the Sèchey Non-Alcoholic Samplers

If you’re not completely sure that you’ll like a certain flavor or brand, or maybe you’re simply getting your feet wet in the sober curious movement, a sampler or tester pack may be your ideal choice. Although we don’t have samplers for every brand we carry, we do offer a lovely selection of single product samplers as well as mixed product samplers to quench your sober thirst. A sampler pack is an excellent route to take if you’d like to remove all the guesswork when deciding which flavor or brand is for you. They also reduce the chances of you making a purchase only to regret it later when you realize you don’t like that flavor/brand.

We carry a variety of high-quality non-alcoholic beers, mixes, non-alcoholic wines, ready-to-drink beverages, and even CBD-infused drink samplers. If you’re interested in sparkling water and some CBD, then you’ll want to take a look at our Mixing & Mingling Sampler. Maybe craft beer is more your thing? Our Craft Beer Box features a few of our top alcohol-free beers like the Athletic Brewing Company, who are currently pioneering a craft beer revolution. Now, if wine is more your style, then we recommend you check out our Null or our Noughty Mixed Case sampler to satisfy your pallet.