It took hundreds of iterations to perfect Ritual's non-alcoholic spirit recipes. They learned how to blend jambu and prickly ash, how to extract the essence of blue agave, reduce the oil in juniper, and heighten the perfume of pine. They sought guidance from master chefs and held tasting sessions for Chicago's best bartenders.

The result is an alternative spirit that delivers the flavor and experience of the original, without the alcohol.

About Ritual Zero Proof

Ritual Zero Proof is the brainchild of three close friends who enjoy the outdoors, playing with their kids, and staying out too late having a good time. This group of friends didn’t want to replace liquor, but simply throw a new tool into your cocktail mixing kit. Another way to celebrate the moment as it were. They even took the time to learn how to extract blue agave essence, reduce the amount of oil in juniper, as well as blend jambu and prickly ash. The team also tested the highest quality of vanilla from Madagascar against that of China as well as received guidance from some of the best Chicago chefs and bartenders in the area. They’re not interested in a glass of "something,” or some new-age hype that has no real explanation. Their recipes are labors of love because they actually care about what they put in our glass.