Curious Elixir No. 1 | Negroni


Alcohol-Free Alternative Cocktails by Curious Elixirs

  • Adaptogenic
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • 0 % ABV
  • Low Sugar

The NO-groni!  Beautifully bitter booze-free pomegranate cocktail inspired by the Negroni, infused with rhodiola!

Curious Elixirs are booze-free craft cocktails, infused with adaptogens that could help you unwind. Handmade with the best ingredients and no refined sugar, Curious Elixirs creates unusually delicious, well-crafted, and good for bodies and souls. Each flavor is a collaboration between a team of world-class bartenders, herbalists, and food scientists, and uses only organic juices, herbs, spices, roots, barks, and botanicals to make your mouth dance.  

Each Curious Elixir also bolsters the body using the mysterious properties of plants — from an ancient botanical that increases serotonin and dopamine precursors, to another that increases circulation and was used in Mayan culture as an aphrodisiac. 


Curious Elixir No. 1 is our booze-free ode to our favorite classic stirred cocktail, the Negroni. This non-alcoholic cocktail uses our unique superfood and adaptogen blend including gentian and rhodiola. Best served on a large cube in a rocks glass, garnished with an orange slice or twist.

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