Drømme | Awake


Drømme Awake Adaptogenic Spirit

Stimulate and energize with the sophisticated tastes and sensations of Drømme Awake, a bespoke, complex blend of quality botanicals, adaptogens, and nootropics. Rejuvenate your spirit and elevate your energy—without the effects of alcohol.

  • Low Calorie
  • Low Sugar
  • 0% ABV

Taste: Stimulating notes of pomegranate, hibiscus, and pepper paired with adaptogens

How to Sip

Hold cap and shake well. Chill with fresh ice. Drømme is best shaken, mixed, or stirred then immediately served in truly beautiful glassware. Garnish with a twist, a few friends, and some really good music. Skål!

About Drømme

At Drømme, they're on a mission to inspire new cocktail experiences that aren’t defined by alcohol, for people who aren’t defined by alcohol. Drømme's vision is of a world where zero proof expands the range of cocktails for everyone.

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