Fungtn | Lion's Mane IPA


Adaptogenic Mushroom Non-alcoholic Beer

  • Low Alcohol 
  • Organic
  • All natural 
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan 

Best Low Alcohol Functional Lager 

Functional mushrooms are a unique class of adaptogens. They give us safe and natural additions to our diets to keep us functioning at our best. A natural solution to the daily stresses of modern life. Fungtn wanted to go past just removing the alcohol for a more mindful beer and create positive wellness to try and help support natural balance in our hectic, modern world.

Lion's mane mushroom is an incredible functional mushroom, used widely for its cognitive benefits. Fungtn uses organic fruiting body Lion’s Mane with an ethanol/water dual extract to capture the full activity of this remarkable fungi. Lion's mane is an antioxidant, antihistamine, and a medical application believed to extend life and promote health. 

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