While alcohol remains so pervasive in our society, Grüvi challenged themselves to create a brand that breaks this cycle. Grüvi was created to dispel the common notion that non-alcoholic beer and wines that taste, well, not great. They saw a desperate need for innovation and wanted to prove that you can have it all. Enjoy a tasty, healthy beer or wine, and take your chance to live in the moment, alcohol-free.

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About Gruvi

Grüvi’s primary goal since day one has been to establish an inclusive community, where the primary focus is on making better day-to-day life choices. Launched in 2019 with nothing but friends and family to help fund their idea, Gruvi was one of the first non-alcoholic drink brands to even exist. Wanting to do away with the notion that all non-alcoholic beer tastes like hot garbage, they saw the need for an innovative new product. Not only that, but they wanted to completely change how society treats social drinking as a whole. They believe that you shouldn’t feel the need to have a drink while in social settings. Basically, you should be able to feel comfortable in any social setting no matter what’s in your cup. So why not take advantage and live in the moment by sipping on a delicious, alcohol-free beer?