Jøyus non-alcoholic wines not only taste like wine, but great wine. And they have the industry awards to prove it. In the country's oldest and largest blind wine tasting, Jøyus brought home both gold and bronze medals.

About Jøyus

Being a sober woman for the past 15 years, Jessica Selander came to release the available choices for non-alcoholic beverages were quite limited. Plus, she was sick and tired of celebrating life’s special moments with Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider. She wanted to create an alternative to boring old sparkling juice. She wanted to create a non-alcoholic wine that doesn’t just taste like wine, but good wine. So she consulted with experts to help in the removal of alcohol from wine on a molecular level. This process consists of separating the wine into three parts: the flavor, the alcohol, and the body of the wine. The next step is to bring the flavor and body back together while leaving the alcohol out of the equation. The final product tastes so much like wine that their Sparkling Rosé and Sparkling White Wine won the gold and bronze at the San Francisco International Wine Competition, respectively. And Jøyus isn’t merely a non-alcoholic beverage that’s only meant for those committed to sobriety. It’s also for anyone who’s pregnant and wanting something a little bubbly, or anyone who simply doesn’t want to drink for a night. The bottom line is that Jøyus is for anyone who wants the enjoyment of wine in a glass, minus the alcohol.