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Matthew Jukes is a world-famous wine taster and writer, based in the UK, and he has worked in the wine trade for over 30 years. Made from carefully developed recipes using all of his olfactory and sensory expertise, Matthew has created and blended delicious non-alcoholic wine that takes your senses to an entirely new and soothing flavor destination. These alcohol-free drinks show exquisite, complex, and aromatic characters thanks to a gentle, long, cool maceration in organic apple cider vinegar that produces the right amount of color and flavor from each component.

About Jukes Cordialities

Jukes Cordialities was born a few years back when award-winning wine writer Matthew Jukes and good friend, co-founder Jack Hollihan set out to create great-tasting alcohol-free wine. But they wanted to ensure that these drinks would replicate wine as far as aroma, palate, and aftertaste. Crafted from painstakingly developed recipes that use years of Matthew’s expertise, his goal is to take your senses to a completely new and calming destination for awe-inspiring flavor. They derive this phenomenal flavor from all-natural ingredients of the highest quality. Each and every Jukes beverage incorporates roughly two dozen different varieties of flowers, fruits, veggies, dried and fresh herbs, as well as an assortment of spices. All of which are sourced from the same suppliers who provide fare to some of London’s finest restaurants. They have no qualms paying a premium for these high-quality ingredients because they know that’s what makes their drinks so amazing. And just like with fine wines, they have to limit their production. This is in part because the high-quality ingredients they use can be quite scarce. Which plays into their primary goal of providing a healthy and low-calorie drink that tastes phenomenal without compromising on flavors.