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Being normal is boring and rallying for vitality is everything. Do we really need booze to have fun? NOPE. Their original mocktails are created with fresh fruit and spices to make canned booze-free alt-tails that evoke a smile sip after sip.

About NOPE

Since its start over a year ago (Dec ‘20), NOPE, a Baltimore-based beverage company, has been delivering alcohol-free drinks to consumers in a variety of flavors—from strawberry basil to mango margarita. Shaeffer honed her technique after years of crafting alcohol-free cocktail concoctions for her ex-husband, who has been clean for more than three years. She explains, "I just started creating beverages for him using herbs, club soda, or seltzer water, and fruits." And, with the influx in popularity of non-alcoholic beverages in recent years, she initially planned to start producing and shipping Nope by early 2020. Her plans, however, had to be postponed due to the pandemic. She has since fully embraced the delivery model, which allows them to easier communicate with the customers and receive feedback. When asked about Nope, Shaeffer says that they aren’t imitating anything. Instead, they’re an alternative for those that still want to celebrate and be a part of the party without being drunk while doing so.