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Welcome to better bubbles!

Sound is a sparkling water for all the senses. Our bubbles can't sit still. There's the aroma you can savor. Then our ingredients - always organic, never sweetened - will take you on an adventure and ground you in your flow. Go ahead, give Sound a swish, and tell us which botanical notes are singing to you. Vanilla perhaps? A hint of tangerine? Fields of blueberries? It's all in the mix. You've never tasted sugar-free sweetness like this before.

About Sound Sparkling Water

Sound Sparkling Water was conceived to create a tasty beverage in its natural state that showcases how delicious and satisfying non-alcoholic drinks should be. Former engineer Tommy Kelly was looking for that crisp caffeine experience that comes with soda, minus the preservatives and sweeteners. So, he began brewing his own sparkling water concoctions that were infused with organic tea. His co-worker and fellow healthy lifestyle enthusiast Salim Najjar shared his passion for creating a healthier carbonated drink that’s truly healthy. Najjar believed in the idea so much, he would join Kelly’s efforts, becoming a co-founder of the company. Experimentation would begin with distinct flavor combinations of sparkling water coupled with certified organic tea, fruit extracts, and botanicals. Fast-forward seven years to today and Sound has proven to be the right choice for the former engineer. Now, instead of developing ideas around nuclear energy, he’s developing ideas on how to create the best possible beverage for your body. Sound believes that there need to be more sweet people in the world with fewer sweet drinks. If a first-class mixer that’s beneficial to your body and mind, along with tasting fantastic, you can’t go wrong with Sound Sparkling Water.