Copenhagen Company | Sparkling Tea Lysegrøn


Sparkling Tea Lysegrøn

  • Zero Proof 
  • Organic 
  • Low Calorie 
  • Low Sugar 

Copenhagen Sparkling Tea Company proudly introduces LYSEGRØN as the latest addition to its Sparkling Tea family, carefully curated to expand the company’s non-alcoholic range. Alongside the dry (LYSERØD) and floral (BLÅ) offerings, LYSEGRØN represents a more classic, fresh, and citrusy alternative.

LYSEGRØN presents a captivating medley of aromas, including citrus, green tea, minerality, and crisp apples. On the palate, this sparkling tea exhibits a lively and elegant character, featuring notes of citrus, lemon grass, Earl Green Sencha, and a subtle essence of orange peel.

The layers of flavor within LYSEGRØN conclude with a memorable Darjeeling tea and green apple finish, all showcased in its clear appearance with delicate green undertones.

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