How It Got Started 


Alexandria Klempf started Sip C back in 2019 with award-winning Napa Valley winemaker, Meredith Leahy. Working together they have created a product that is both unique and delicious. Their particular brand of alcohol-removed wine comes in easy to grab and go cans that are perfect for all occasions (we recommend the beach)! 

With their headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida, this female-founded and operated brand is focused on wellness for women and knows that what we drink and how much truly affects how we feel. They also make sure that we don't have to sacrifice taste or the social experience when cutting out alcohol. 

SipC knows their WHY


Having a powerful sense of why ourselves, we wanted to know more about Sip C and what motivated her. To learn more, we spoke with Alex to get a better feeling about the purpose behind her drive. "What drove me to start SipClean was to create a lifelong career for myself where I would be helping others and creating a product that I genuinely enjoy. I have a family history of alcoholism and while that wasn’t the driving force, I think a part of me was impacted seeing how toxic our societies drinking culture can be. I love that I am part of an industry that is trying to pave the way for inclusivity and changing that stigma."
The main goal: To provide a high quality, healthier choice beverage for women by women. Sip C aims to truly help other women feel good about themselves and what they are consuming. By using all the best ingredients, and technology, they have created a alcohol-removed wine with great taste, fewer calories and zero alcohol. 

What's Up Next For Sip C? 

Focusing in on working with retail partners (like Sèchey! Yay!) Sip C wants to see the non-alcoholic movement grow and take part in the growth of our community. Excitingly, they are also always tasting and working with new wineries and industry professionals to ensure they're using the highest quality ingredients and the most modern technology to make Sip C the best that it can be.

It all started with a dream to make a change in the way we think about drinking. Their values coincide with their mission - to use innovated technology that provides the best product at the highest quality possible, to remain self-aware and educated, and to partner with other brands that share their mission and vision.

Sèchey is truly grateful to be one of those partners. 

July 29, 2022 — Customer Service

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