Sèchey is happy to introduce one of our newest brands, Sarilla! Founded by the beautiful, Sara Stender Delaney, Sarilla is a line of delicious sparkling teas made with fair trade certified and USDA organic teas.  

The flavors are bright and refreshing with just a hint of all natural sweetness. The perfectly executed carbonation gives your mouth and throat the feeling of drinking premium champagne bubbles. Beyond that, Sarilla teas are made with all natural, organic ingredients and ultra low calorie. 

Sara's Journey to Sarilla


In a story unlike any other, Sara was hired to work in East Africa in the small country of Rwanda. At the time, Sara had been on her own journey to heal and better herself and found herself in a small country working to heal and recovered from terrible loss.

Rwanda, a country about the size of Vermont, houses over 12 million people and has been recovering from the 1994 mass genocide. Submerged in an intense post-genocide environment, Sara fell in love with the country, its people, and was inspired by their incredible resiliency.

As a survivor of trauma herself, Sara felt blown away by the amazing resiliency of the Rwandan people and their determination to heal themselves and their nation.They inspired Sara to do whatever she could to help them recover and felt emboldened to heal some of her own wounds as well. 

Social Connection and a Healing Garden Farm 



Invited by the women, Sara would sit and enjoy the unique flavors and aromas of Rwandan tea. Quickly inspired and already looking for more healthy and fun nonalcoholic options, she began experimenting with looseleaf tea and had the idea to carbonate the cold brew she created. 

She wanted first to help the environment she had fallen in love with, and she started with a trauma healing program for the PTSD-inflicted community by providing much needed mental health services. 

Sara founded the nonprofit organization Africa Healing Exchange (www.HealingExchange.org) before starting Sarilla as a social enterprise.

Sparkling Non-Alcoholic Beverages With Impact


Sarilla Sparkling and Tîma Tea and partners with the female genocide survivors of Rwanda. Together they are building the amazing Ubuzima Healing Garden farm. There, they grow the healing and regenerative botanicals that are used in Sarilla teas. 

Not only does Sarilla provide sanctuary and community but job opportunities as well.  Sèchey is a proud partner of Sarilla and over joyed to provide such a high-quality and impactful beverage.

Sarilla teas come in a variety of flavors including:

  • Apple Black Tea - Slightly sweet, carbonated black tea with organic apple juice. Yum! Plus, no added sugar and about 50 mg of plant-based caffeine. 
  • Hibiscus Green Tea - Lightly carbonated and blended with organic hibiscus and green tea with the perfect touch of monk fruit sweetener. Completely sugar free, low calorie, and contains about 70-mg of plant-based caffeine.
  • Ginger White Tea - Alcohol free sparkling white and silver tea harvest in Rwanda with fresh organic ginger. 
  • Lemon Black Tea - Sometimes you just need a classic tea with lemon and Sarilla's got your back. Sarilla's version is made with silver tips and black tea and then mixed with all organic lemon juice and raw organic cane sugar. 77mg of caffeine will give you a lovely little boost to your day. 
New Flavors Coming! Be on the look out at Sèchey! 


September 20, 2022 — Jessa De La Rosa

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