The Journey to Sol Brü Elixirs

As many of us have before, alcohol can be used as a crutch to lean on in difficult times. Thinking of it as a way to help us through hard situations instead of recognizing the truth about its effects. We lean on alcohol to "improve our state of mind" when what it is really doing is quite detrimental. Founder of Sol Brü, Leanne Kisil recognized this in her own life and decided to make a shift. She knew that awareness is key, and one of the first steps to Restore the right kind of perspective. 

Embracing a healthier lifestyle, Leanne chose to grow out of her bad habits and moved away from the culturally dictated dogmas that were telling her that her social life required heavy amounts of alcohol. She chose to Elevate her state of mind and focused in on owning her relationship with alcohol. 

On a mission to gain both nutritional health and mental/emotional clarity, Leanne began experimenting with different ingredients to create a beverage that would not only substitute the alcohol she had been drinking but help her reach higher health. Mixing by hand, pouring and testing, she started by using various herbs, extracts, fruits and juices. In home, with the support and love of her family, she was able to concoct the first flavors of Sol Brü. 


Alcohol-Free Elixirs Made with Mushroom Adaptogens

Made in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Solbrü is a line of alcohol-free elixirs that are apple cider vinegar-based and made with mushroom adaptogens. She uses mushrooms like Lion's Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Turkey Tail to benefit the mind and body with natural healing and protective qualities.

With these mushrooms she mixed together other organic, plant-based ingredients that are both flavorful and nutritious. Filled with functional flavor, these drinks create a truly mindful drinking experience. Amazingly versatile, Sol Brü can be mixed with teas, juices and even milks to create well-balanced and delicious alternative cocktails. 

Once she figured it out, she set out to Inspire the world and others who are looking to own their relationships with alcohol and decide for themselves how our drinking culture is going to affect us. She wanted to Connect with the community and knew that coming together is one of the best and most important things we can do as a society.

What's in a Name? 

When naming Sol Brü, Leanne wanted to tie in all sides of her new company's mission. Sol in French means "ground"- the earth in which she sourced all natural and organic ingredients. Sol, of course, can also tie into soul - the spirit. Reaching deep and honoring ourselves in the truest way possible.

Brü, meaning much more than "brew", also has ties to her personal family history, and shares the roots from which she came - Austria. She gave her company a name that had both deep personal meaning and something that others could easily connect to. Bravo, Leanne! 


Raise Your Vibe, Ground Your Soul, and Enjoy the Unique, Authentic, and Sophisticated Flavors of the Non-Alcoholic Elixirs of Sol Brü!

All the Brüs

Each of Sol Brü's products have also been given a name of heart-felt meaning. As Leanne recognized her need to go sober, she realized the need for these particular words in her life. To restore and elevate her body and mind to a higher level of health and clarity and then to inspire and connect with others on a journey like hers. As an active member in the LGBTQ community, Leanne has owned her most authentic self and is living life to the fullest. She is honored to be the founder of a company that makes truly unique and honestly made products. Sèchey is proud to have them as a partner and to carry them in our stores. 

The Sol Brü Products

Sol Brü Restore

Soulfully constructed with Reishi mushrooms and roasted dandelion root, Restore Brü will restore your warrior strength and personal power.

Full-bodied with a rich, smokey flavor from roasted dandelion, chased by a spicy bite and flavors orange and cardamom. The complexity of Restore will awaken your taste buds (and your spirit). Try it with citrus juices and/or some na ginger beer. 

Sol Brü Elevate

Inspired by ancient herbal remedies for heightening vitality and spiritedness, we’ve infused our Elevate Brü with Cordyceps mushrooms. Try this one as a Brü-jito with muddled mint, lime, soda and a little simple syrup. 

Sol Brü Inspire

Crafted with the Lion’s Mane mushroom, our Inspire Brü is also brewed with chamomile and lavender. Delivering sweet apple notes from chamomile, layered with calming lavender and warming cloves, every sip of Inspire will transport you to a quiet, snowy evening, curled up in your favorite blanket next to a roaring fire. 

Make this one into a "Cold Brü" with cold brew coffee and the syrup of your choice. 

Sol Brü Connect

Love, compassion, and empathy for ourselves and others flows from the heart. We intentionally fashioned our Connect brü to protect this sacred space within each of us and is brewed with Turkey Tail mushrooms. 

Connect is a cascade of delicate, hibiscus berry and rose, followed closely by the light, tangy flavor of lime. Connect will have you dancing with joy—no alcohol required.  Enjoy this Sol Brü simply with sparkling water, soda, or juice. Enjoy! 

Leanne's Sol Brü Recipe To Try:

The Sol-Bru Slide

Simply add all ingredients into a short glass:

2 oz Solbrü Restore
2 oz unsweetened vanilla oat/almond milk
to sweeten add 1 tsp of honey or your favorite simple syrup



August 12, 2022 — Jessa De La Rosa

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