Founded during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Atmos Brewing Company, in Hailey, Idaho is one of the newest and most highly acclaimed non-alcoholic craft breweries in North America. With true passion and enjoyment for their product, they believe in living healthy, fulfilling and adventurous lives. Their number one mission: making a quality product. 


Sèchey & Atmos

When Sèchey discovered Atmos Brewing Company, we knew we needed to add it to our shelves. This high-quality and uniquely crafted NA beer has quickly become one of our favorite brands and is getting rave reviews from our customers. We are so excited about partnering with their award-winning brand and can't wait to see where our partnership will lead. 

We are regularly offering tasting flights of the four Atmos flavors that we currently carry. This includes the Wayfarer NA IPA, the Altruras NA Golden, the Cosmos NA Peanut Butter Milk Dark, and our favorite, Kora NA Double Hop IPA!

All Things Atmos Brewing Co. 

Crafted in the heart of Idaho, Atmos uses Free Range Big Wood Water and locally-sourced malted barley and hops. They wanted to create a beer that could truly stand up to the traditional alcoholic versions, and they know what they're doing! As part of the Sawtooth Brewery, they also make a full line of full-proof beers and have a brewery, taprooms, and public house where you can enjoy them all. All inclusive, they make a something for everyone and even have hop waters and seltzers! 

Their beer was created for those trying to live life to the fullest. Nestled right up close to a ski resort in the mountains of Southern Idaho, they keep their local culture near and dear to the heart of their company. Their breweries go above and beyond to support their local community and work hard to keep their forests clean and the wilderness maintained for enjoying the great outdoors. 


One-of-a-Kind Non-Alcoholic Beer 

Whether you are completely sober, cutting back on alcohol or just looking for an alternative, Atmos and Sawtooth both have amazing options to chose from. Cheers to a new uniquely made and high quality non alcoholic beer! 


June 17, 2022 — Customer Service

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