Sèchey discovered Three Spirit directly from customer requests.  Once we tried the entire collection ourselves, we stocked the Sèchey shelves immediately with the world’s first plant-powered functional social elixir! 

Launched in late 2018, Three Spirit range helps us meet the demand for compelling alcohol alternatives. Three Spirit functional drinks have complex flavour profiles and were created to reduce stress, anxiety, improve sleep, boost mood and ultimately help us all feel better.

Try the entire Three Spirit range in the Sèchey Sampler, and learn more about each of the founders below.  

Meeta Gournay 

“In the end, you have to ask if you have a gut feeling that your idea can be a big one.” 

Meeta is a serial entrepreneur and a start-up junkie with a background in sustainability and social-innovation. With her love for Ayurvedic medicine, mindfulness and cycling, she has found her true passion in Three Spirit. Known for getting stuff done, she is the miracle worker who makes sure that over 50 plants from all over the world make their way into bottles and to your door. Now she’s headed home to the US to set up our NYC HQ to ensure our plant based elixirs are brewed, bottled and batched in the same way 

Tatiana Mercer 

“You get out what we put in.” 

Few people know more about delicious drinks and having fun than our co-founder Tati. Before Three Spirit, she co-founded BarChick - the much-loved platform for discovering the world’s best bars - so naturally she’s all about discovering amazing cocktails, places, the people behind them and enjoying all the chance encounters along the way. 

Dash Lilley 

“I think of our products as people, they have their own character, story and vibe. I see them as different wingmen. All good for different occasions.”

Plant geek, serious foodie and the maker of our drinks, Dash is the co-founder and head of product at Three Spirit. Alongside his team of bartenders and plant scientists, Dash spends most his time getting over 60 plant from all over the world, shipped, blended, batched and bottled so we can keep bringing plant magic to your door.⁠
November 01, 2021 — Emily Heintz

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