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 Blind Tiger | Bee's Knees

This cocktail is a true Prohibition-era cocktail, reportedly invented by a bartender at the Ritz in Paris in 1921. Originally designed to mask the harshness of bathtub gin (cheap alcohol made during Prohibition) through the use of honey and lemon, it eventually became a renowned cocktail made in bars around the world today.

  • All Natural 
  • 0% ABV
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic (cane sugar & honey)

Blind tiger is the only line of non-alcoholic cocktails and mixers inspired by speakeasy culture, blind tiger is both a ready-to-drink cocktail and an easy, high end, craft mixer!

Taste: Featuring a bright lemon flavor, slightly sweet with honey and hints of juniper

About Blind Tiger 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, the speakeasy was forced to provide only sans-alcohol drink options to-go, and the team rose to the challenge to create a top-notch spirit-free cocktail that mirrors the flavors of the original. As a result, Blind Tiger was born - an all-inclusive luxury drink that lets you feel part of the occasion with or without alcohol.

Named after the Prohibition-era speakeasies that had to keep a low profile to avoid detection, Blind Tiger is here to enhance the limited dry options offered to consumers. Our formulation uses natural ingredients to embody the flavor and depth that alcohol would customarily offer the drink. So whether you're looking for a sophisticated alcohol-free drink at a bar, event, or just at home, or an easy classic cocktail - Blind Tiger has got you covered.

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