Bonbuz | Bittersweet Citron


 Bittersweet Citron 

the first truly 100% natural non-alcoholic beverage, sans unnatural preservatives

  • naturally sweetened using yuzu and agave for more dimension and a smoother taste
  • all-natural, vibrant color from purple carrot extract.
  • naturally stimulating
  • vegan


3 years ago our oldest by OG was born and we began our journey 2 pioneer the best functional buzz sans booze.

we r absolutely pumped for you to get a taste of our updated creation - Bittersweet Citron. it's the same feeling with a new formula. Not only is it a total natural babe (no more unnatural preservatives) with a killer appearance, but it's also gentler on the taste buds while still giving you that same buzz that's made us legendary!

designed to stimulate your mind and mood for a deeper connection, we pack a vibrantly bitter punch from a careful combination of bittersweet citrus, a spike of earthiness from gentian and ginger, and a nostalgically resonating cola nose


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