Cheeky | Mint Syrup


Mint Syrup

Cheeky Cocktails was started by bar & hospitality professionals, both women & minority-founded.  Like the team at Sèchey, they believe you really should love what you do.

  • 16 fl oz 
  • 45 Calories
  • Refrigerate After Opening

Our Seasonal Mint Syrup, made from real bunches of Mint and all-natural cane sugar, is a time and effort-saver! Whether you’re making Mojitos and don’t want to run out for Mint (or just want to bump up that minty flavor), or you’re making Mint Juleps this is a must-have.

Pair our Mint Syrup with Lime Juice, Light Rum, seltzer, and ice in a tall glass for a refreshing Mojito; or with Bourbon and lots of shaved or crushed ice for a Mint Julep. Our Mint Syrup is shelf stable when unopened, but we’d recommend using within a year of purchase for best flavor. Mint Syrup will last for about two weeks after opening if kept refrigerated. Always refrigerate after opening.

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