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Drømme | Calm

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Drømme Calm Adaptogenic Spirit

Wind down and soothe with the sophisticated tastes and sensations of Drømme Calm, a bespoke, complex blend of quality botanicals, adaptogens, and nootropics. Relax your stressers and quiet your mind—without the effects of alcohol.

Low Calorie 

Low Sugar

0% ABV

Tasting: Soothing notes of ginger, molasses, and melon paired with adaptogens 

How to Sip:

Hold cap and shake well. Chill with fresh ice. Drømme is best shaken, mixed, or stirred then immediately served in truly beautiful glassware. Garnish with a twist, a few friends, and some really good music. Skål!

About Drømme

At Drømme, they're on a mission to inspire new cocktail experiences that aren’t defined by alcohol, for people who aren’t defined by alcohol. Drømme's vision is of a world where zero proof expands the range of cocktails for everyone.