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Jardin Infusion Florale

JARDIN | Premium Honeysuckle Mixer

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Jardin sugar free mixers are infused with flowers and botanicals.

Made with flower blossoms from Europe, our bold colors are from fruits and vegetables, and we use a touch of organic wildflower honey for sweetness.

Our Non-GMO pearl shimmer is a fun way to sparkle your drinks. Healthy and KETO friendly.

Profile: Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Orange Flower and Citrus

MADE WITH FLOWERS – real flower blossoms and flower waters from Europe.

GORGEOUS MIXOLOGY – turn any drink into an Instagram moment / location tagging.

ZERO PROOF – Non-alcoholic, better for you trend. Consumer control of alcohol format.

LOW SWEETNESS - a touch of organic wildflower honey. 1 Carb / 5 Cal per 50ml serving.

BOLD – flowers, fruits and vegetables used for color. Disco shimmer is mineral based.

MULTI-SERVE – 750ml bottle 7-15 svg; 200ml 2-4 svg.

 750ml & 200ml Bottles