Little Saints | St. Ember


A Prelude to Pleasure.

With a lot of spice and a little smoke, St. Ember delights even the most discerning of palettes with its bespoke blend of ginger, peppers and wild, woody palo santo*. Infused with lion's mane mushroom, St. Ember inspires light musings and deep conversations. 

  • Low Calorie 
  • Low Sugar 
  • Zero proof 
  • Lion's Mane Mushroom

Enjoy St. Ember over ice or mix as an inspired alternative to mezcal or tequila in your favorite cocktails. 

*We source our palo santo directly form a dry forest in Peru, where it is harvested sustainably from dead and fallen trees. 1% of the proceeds from St. Ember are donated to reforestation efforts in Peru.

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