Mingle | Key Lime Margarita


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Citrusy Sweet & Sour Canned Mocktail 

  • Low Calorie
  • Zero Alcohol
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Female-Founded & Ran

Mingle Mocktails has re-crafted your favorite cocktail flavors, but with less calories and alcohol free. Ready to experience the epitome of lime-infused luxury? Elevate your mocktail game with our Key Lime Margarita; a zesty, citrus, sweet & sour bubbly blend ready for any occasion. Whether you're hosting a fiesta, a poolside party, or simply unwinding after your work day, this non alcoholic margarita is your ideal companion. Embrace the guilt-free pleasure of a well-crafted, non-alcoholic indulgence that's as sophisticated as it is flavorful. 

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