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Here at Séchey, we are celebrating spring and truly appreciative of this beautiful earth that we all call home. To honor Earth Day 2022, we are raising a glass and toasting to the amazing work of Chris and Rose Bax, the founders of Bax Botanics! 

Earth Day 2022

This incredible brand of alcohol-free spirits is truly one-of-a-kind and in more ways than one! Along with using completely sustainable packaging, they go out of their way to produce a spirit that is fair-trade and made with ethically-sourced and organic herbs and botanicals. 

Séchey got the chance to interview the beautiful Rose Bax and learn more about their darling UK-based and family run business.

The Origins of Bax Botanics

Ever since Rose was a young girl, she has had a profound love and admiration for plants. She told us the story of her grandmother and how they went on nature walks as a child. Her grandmother taught her all about each plant they found and explained the different uses and medicinal properties. She was fascinated by their beauty and their functionality. When she and her husband Chris got together, her love soon became his.

Chris, an ex-chef, became curious of how all of the different plants they found might be used in meals and drinks. With so many new and interesting flavors to work with, he soon began creating recipes to make fun new jams and jellies. Not long after, they were teaching classes on their 18-acre woodland plot on how to carefully, sustainably, and gratefully take from the land.  


Soon the idea for Bax Botanics was born.

Inspired by nature, they have created a beautiful alcohol-free spirit that is carbon free and uses all sustainable packaging. Even their specialized labels are printed on waste material from sugar cane production and bear the microscopic image of a plant cell! For their ethical and environmental work, they won the bronze medal for best new business at the Global Good Awards in 2020. 

Made in England, Bax Botanics is produced with no sugars, additives, or allergens and has only half a calorie per serving! Their flavorful and complex spirits are distilled the same way as gin in copper stills. Bax Botanics is all made by hand and in small batches that give their brand an old-timey feel that is simple, clean, and all-natural. 

They have created two carefully-balanced flavors:


The Bax Botanics Lemon Verbena is a refreshing mixture of zesty citrus and fragrant herbs and florals. This bright, bold and botanical spirit will lift your spirit and awaken your senses! We recommend pouring this delicious gin substitute over ice with some tonic and lemon. 

The Bax Botanics Sea Buckthorn is a well-balanced mixture of aromatic mediterranean herbs, sea buckthorn berries, and bittersweet Seville oranges. The citrus notes and fresh herbs blended with the bitter Sea Buckthorn berries, create a rich, complex, and delicious flavor that is perfect for an evening cocktail to sip on and relax. No wonder it’s an award-winner! Mix it with a tonic or a ginger ale for a truly sublime beverage that you’ll want to make time and again.

We are honored to work with Rose and Chris, and cannot wait for what the future holds for them and their company. 

April 07, 2022 — Emily Heintz

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