A wild gal turned sober-curious, Fay Behbehani is a London native living in Los Angeles, and a beverage entrepreneur in both the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic space. As former head of marketing for a California-based brain tech company, she discovered her passion for natural stimulants, plant medicine and their therapeutic properties for mental and physical optimization. This was catalyzed during her time as the co-founder of Uncle Ed’s Damn Good Vodka where she became sober-curious in 2018 on a meditation retreat in Northern California and realized that drinking culture needed a radical shift. Harnessing her breadth of experience, whilst indulging in her passion for all things beverage, wellness and plant medicine, she founded bonbuz, setting out to revive the spirits industry and what it means to drink together in the modern age.

Bonbuz is the antidote to alcohol. It exist for those who want the feeling of a stiff drink with ingredients that have capacity to change state but without the dreaded hangover. Presented in a way that is cheeky, playful and unvirginal “we seek to change the narrative on what it means to be alcohol-free and instead make alcohol-free as provocative and bold as our ethanol counterparts’.
February 11, 2022 — Emily Heintz

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