Like many of our customers, Team Sèchey loves's social, it's cultural and it is a part of every celebration.  It's the aroma, the pop of the cork, the presentation and, of course, the LABEL!  We were thrilled when Jessica Selandar reached out to us about Jøyus because she is equally as passionate about wine...and she created a wine that not only checks off all these boxes, but also tastes amazing.  So much so that her Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé won a gold medal, and the Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine (their white blend ) won a bronze in The San Francisco International Wine Competition—the oldest and largest blind tasting in the country. It's a tremendous accomplishment because Jøyus was among over 3,000 entries submitted from over 31 countries, and they are to date the only non-alcoholic wine on the market to win gold in an industry wine competition. 

After getting to know Jess, we just aren't surprised about these accolades.  She has been working on this project for over 7 years, and uses innovative equipment along with the latest technology to create an "alcohol-removed" wine that preserves the delicate flavors, aroma and compounds of wine. 

Jøyus is both woman- and sober-owned, and we are thrilled to be selected to carry it on the Sèchey shelves.  Wine is something many of our customers love and miss so to be able to provide an award-winning option that brings the positive aspect of wine drinking without the negative side effects is truly an accomplishment.  Bravo Jess!  Sèchey is overjoyed to partner with you.  




Our non-alcoholic wines taste, feel and look like real wine. So if you want to live life happy, joyous and alcohol-free, then Jøyus is perfect for you.

January 14, 2022 — Emily Heintz

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